Product Range
Snap Rings / Retaining Rings / Step Circlips

These are manufactured from precise SECTIONAL - WIRES. Our in-house, designed and developed Section-Rolling Machines, like Turk Head, Flattening Machines and coiling Machines etc. give precise and desired Wire Cross - Section with uniform grain flow of material to produce ultimate quality where no bulging on inner side or contraction on outer diameter shall be seen whatsoever.

Assuming economical batch quantities are required, Step-Circlips, Snap Rings, Retaining Rings, Conical Spring Washers & other Allied Wire Products can be produced as per a customer's individual designs and specifications, and receive the same close attention to application, design and manufacture as do our standard products. Where certain application requirements necessitate dimensional variations from standard specifications, we shall be pleased to advice on the amended performance under these conditions.

    Standard Materials
The standard material for most Step-Circlips, Snap Rings, Retaining Rings, Spring Washer & other Allied Wire Products is carbon spring steel (CS). All Step-Circlips, Snap Rings, Retaining Rings, Conical Spring Washer & other Allied Wire Products made from this material are Heat-treated in Fluidised Bed Furnace in controlled atmosphere of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Nitrogen (N2) so as to give optimum ductility at the high hardness values necessary for correct function.

Hardness Testing
To obtain accurate hardness readings there are 3 essentials, firstly ensure that the part to be tested does not flex when the indenter load is applied, secondly remove any surface coating from both sides of the test piece and finally make sure that the correct testing load is used.
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