Welcome to Wire Rings
Wire Rings is a professionally managed company with consolidated interest in the manufacture of Step - Circlips / Snap Rings / Retaining Rings / Bearing Rings / Lock Ring; Spherical Wheelnut Conical Washers and Allied Wire Products catering to the Bearing and Automobile Industry.
We buy round wires and Roll them into various sections such as L-Shaped; Rectangular; Square Shape etc. in close Tolerances. All these products are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions as per the International Standards. Our Integrated Quality Control System as per ISO 9001 ensures that our components consistently meet the safety critical function to which our products are often subjected.
Our Business Associates In U.S.A. - NOVA / TCB USA INC.
To be the best Snap Ring manufacturer and supplier in the world.

To have the best and the leanest technology tp produce a product with Zero defect.

The word snap ring should be synonymous with the name of our organization i.e. Wire Rings!

To have the best infrastructure and best working conditions and environment for the family of Wire Rings.

People should be wanting to work in our organization.
Quality Commitment
We, at Wire Rings consider the production of components to customer needs and specifications with consistent quality, delivery schedule and zero defects, as the surest way to our success in the competing business environment. All our systems, processes, and strategies aim at achieving those goals.

We take pride in continuous improvement of quality of our products. We are aware that such continuing growth in standards is only possible through the people with whom we work as a team. Our in house training programs, emphasis the involvement of people in laying down the standards of quality, reviewing the systems and procedures on an ongoing basis.
Implementation of effective quality systems so as to do the right things the first time.
Work upon the new technology so as to increase our efficiency in producing Rings in the shortest lead time and reducing the scrap to minimum.
Shifting the present plant to new premises to facilitate better working conditions and better environment.

Increase the present business from 2 crores to 10 crores in next 3 years by increasing the production capacity with the help of new technology and by tapping new customers.
Quality Policy
We at Wire Rings are committed to provide the best Quality Snap Rings to our customers, at optimum cost, meeting the customer requirements through continual improvements in products, manufacturing processes and quality management system.
This is achieved through communicating policy within the Organization, determining the objectives and review of the same through management review meetings.

Sr. No.      Objectives
1.           Improve Customer Satisfaction
2.           Reduction in Customer PPM
3.           Reduction in In-house rejection
4.           Increase in Sales
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